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Big Play product image
Big Play

Brand new 49 shot barrage from Primed!

A fabulous new multi effect barrage from Primed with a unique firing pattern containing some new unseen effects!

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Casper product image

Twice the gun powder of any other 25 shot 25mm barrage.

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Delirious product image

An amazing finale piece to any display!

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DUMBUM C1620DU product image

An amazing value small firework of pure noise!

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DUMBUM C2505D product image

DUMBUM C2505D is a 25 shot 50mm firework.

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DUMBUM C2525DU product image

DUMBUM C2525DU is a 25 shot 25mm firework.

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DUMBUM C253DU product image

DUMBUM C253DU is a 25 shot 3omm firework.

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Duplex Cracker Rain product image
Duplex Cracker Rain

Small, however powerful.

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Face Off Round 1 product image
Face Off Round 1

53 shot!

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Face Off Round 2 product image
Face Off Round 2

54 shot barrage!

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Fermata 25B product image
Fermata 25B

Simply big, stunning and loud.

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Fermata A product image
Fermata A

A 25 shot 30mm cake.

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