Fireworks and the Law FAQ

If I buy fireworks out of season, when can I use them?

It is perfectly legal to use fireworks responsibly for a private function at any time of the year, there is however a curfew preventing the use of fireworks after 11:00PM with the exception of, November 5th, Diwali and  Chinese New Year when you can continue until 12:00 Midnight and New Years Eve when you should stop at 1:00AM on New Years Day.

Can shops sell fireworks all year round, I thought this was illegal?

Most retail outlets have a seasonal licence, both our outlets have special (expensive) all year licences allowing the sale of fireworks all year round. 

I have seen youth's letting of fireworks, what can I do? 

Following a recent change in the law, it is now illegal for persons under 18 to have fireworks in their possession, call the Police and report the incident. Yorkshire Fireworks do not condone the irresponsible or under age use of fireworks.