What are we about?

I hope we are a company that strives to bring you the very best fireworks available in the UK at this time. We are the UK importers of Klasek, Funke and the brand new Caractacus Potts Firework Company brands.

These three brands alone take us to number one retailer for brand choice and customer satisfaction.

We also buy direct containers from both Hallmark, Jonathan’s, Primed and new this year Vivid, this not only gives us a huge range of goods but allows us to extremely competitive in our pricing.

Our staff are fully trained in both product knowledge and product safety, all we ask is that you please ask and follow their advice.

There are some stunning new items from all suppliers this year which we will be adding to the website throughout the coming season.

We are hoping to work with our new Chinese partners to bring a range of large rockets 200grm the likes of which have not been since the mid 1990’s.

Please take the time to enquire for more information on any item, we are here to help.

All goods available through our partner shop, Whoosh fireworks, Otley. 

Thank you