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Blue Star Eruption product image
Blue Star Eruption

Very popular for a number of years.

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Chain Reaction product image
Chain Reaction

You want to go bigger, you’ve got it.

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Dreadnought product image

296 shot superb compound from Relentless!

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Event Horizon product image
Event Horizon

On the success of our previous large compounds.

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Game On product image
Game On

If ‘Bring it On’ isn’t enough of a taunt.

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Gold Fever product image
Gold Fever

An exciting and loud spectacular barrage.

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Magical Six product image
Magical Six

A barrage pack of 6 fireworks.

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Sale Night Passion product image
Night Passion
£82.99 £60.00

A fabulous new 100 shot barrage.

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Organised Chaos product image
Organised Chaos

Method to the madness.

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Powerhouse product image

All about absolute POWER.

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Queen’s Gambit product image
Queen’s Gambit

A game of class, style and power.

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Relentless product image

Brilliant fast paced compound!

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