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Brocade War product image
Brocade War

A complete sell out every year!

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Casper product image

Twice the gun powder of any other 25 shot 25mm barrage.

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Crazy Nights product image
Crazy Nights

A compound made up of two 49 shot barrages.

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Ghost product image

A new 49 shot 30mm barrage.

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Grouch product image

A new 64 shot barrage containing 8 new effects.

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Indian Scream product image
Indian Scream

A truly top firework.

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Jaga product image

A new 49 shot fanned barrage.

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King Fountain product image
King Fountain

A must have for any display!

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King Of Fireworks 223 product image
King Of Fireworks 223

One of the brand new king range containing 3000grms of powder.

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Mexico product image

109 glorious shots of amazing colours and effects.

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New Fire Power product image
New Fire Power

This is a stunning single ignition display with very powerful 1.3G bursts!

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No Sound 25 Shot product image
No Sound 25 Shot

Low noise.

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