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Bellagio product image

New for 2023!

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Britannia product image

New for 2023!

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Double Or Nothing product image
Double Or Nothing

New for 2023!

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Full Throttle product image
Full Throttle

A 49 shot 25mm firing tube barrage by Primed.

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Jackpot product image

16 Brilliant Shots.

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Kicker product image

A very powerful barrage with full size 30mm firing tubes.

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King Crown Rockets Twin Pack product image
King Crown Rockets Twin Pack

Gold Brocade Rocket!

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Krakatoa product image

Crackling Cone Fountain!

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Let It Ride product image
Let It Ride

A 36 shot 30mm firing tube barrage.

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Lucky Seven product image
Lucky Seven

Rockets by Primed.

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Moonshot 6 Pack product image
Moonshot 6 Pack

6 pack of rockets.

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Queen of Hearts Rockets product image
Queen of Hearts Rockets

A beautiful heart shaped rocket!

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