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Alpha Selection Box product image
Alpha Selection Box

A brand new selection box by Primed.

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Sale Big Play product image
Big Play
£125.00 £59.99

Brand new 49 shot barrage from Primed!

A fabulous new multi effect barrage from Primed with a unique firing pattern containing some new unseen effects!

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Sale Casino product image
£49.00 £26.99

The best firework from the Full House barrage pack!

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Sale Full Throttle product image
Full Throttle
£78.00 £39.99

A 49 shot 20mm firing tube barrage by Primed.

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Sale Kicker product image
£58.00 £29.99

A very powerful barrage with full size 30mm firing tubes.

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Sale Let It Ride product image
Let It Ride
£84.00 £39.99

A 36 shot 30mm firing tube barrage.

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Sale Long Shot product image
Long Shot
£47.00 £22.99

One of the very best 19 shot 30mm fireworks!

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Lucky Seven product image
Lucky Seven

Rockets by Primed.

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Mercury Rising product image
Mercury Rising

Make this a must have rocket pack.

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Molotov Cocktail product image
Molotov Cocktail

A stunning new mine cake.

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Moonshot 6 Pack product image
Moonshot 6 Pack

6 pack of rockets.

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Royal Flush Barrage Pack product image
Royal Flush Barrage Pack

The fantastic all you could want Royal Flush!

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