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Mr Fantastic product image
Mr Fantastic


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Night Passion product image
Night Passion

A fabulous new 100 shot barrage.

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Particka product image

One of the best single ignition barrages ever!

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Profi Show 2 product image
Profi Show 2

Long Lasting Barrage!

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Profi Show 49 product image
Profi Show 49

7 rows of 7 different effects!

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Rebel Yell product image
Rebel Yell

New in for 2022!

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Sasek product image

A brilliant 49 shot barrage with 7 rows of 7 different effects.

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Screaming Banshee product image
Screaming Banshee

Sound of howling wolves!

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Sin City product image
Sin City

New for 2023!

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Snake Bite product image
Snake Bite

New for 2023!

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Spider Man product image
Spider Man

New and Exclusive.

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Super White Strobe product image
Super White Strobe

A professional quality firework.

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