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Our 2021 brochure is packed full of new and exciting products, some of our suppliers have really upped the ante in terms of performance and effects.

Now for the not so nice news, many of you will have read about the shortages and price rises our industry faces, this is purely down to huge increases in shipping costs, the actual manufacturing costs for once have not risen, but with shipping costs up over 300% rises are unfortunately inevitable. We are lucky to be supplied by one of Europe’s biggest firework companies who held a huge amount of stock in Europe so we have been able to secure at least some stock.

So what else, our favourite supplier Funke being so small and niche have been pushed to the back of the queue so we will not receive their goods until early December.

Klasek have added some incredible new compounds into their pyro-technology range, the sheer performance of these items really does leave you speechless.

Other new items of note are Primed’s Big play, Flashy and Jack it up.

This year we have a specially commissioned new Barrage box, in memory of the late and best James Bond ever, Sir Sean Connery, based on a full house with added barrages this will become the most sought after barrage pack of 2021 we only have 100 so don’t delay in ordering yours.

Other items of special interest are two items we have added from a new supplier VIvid Sky candy and Kamuro rainbow, these are professional fireworks at the very top of the tree, very limited so again order early.


All that remains is to say as always is to stay safe & have fun!


Thank you




Fireworks on sale all year from our retail store in Castleford near Leeds, we have one of the largest ranges of fireworks in the north of England. 

There has been lots of changes in the firework industry in the last 26 years , companies have come and gone , suppliers fall by the wayside , regulations change, its a lot to keep up with , rest assured we trying our very best to bring what's New , brilliant and above all SAFE into the PYRO world -just for you .

This year we have very exciting news for you - We have a new Polish partner -FUNKE FIREWORKS , totally exclusive to The Powder Keg and our Otley Leeds partner Whoosh fireworks .This company are the producers of the worlds finest consumer fireworks , their colours and effects are amazing !!!! The rockets contain unique  effects  never seen before in this country .

Our Partners Klasek have once again brought us some stunning new items .



All the items are available to watch on you-tube just type in the code number next to the name.



Our busy retail shop

Our fireworks retail shop in Aire Street, Castleford is open all year round for fireworks, call in at any time to discuss your needs.

Here you can discuss fireworks with us ensuring you get what you want for that important celebration, Weddings, Parties, New Years Eve, Diwali all have different requirements to Bonfire Night, we can help you to select fireworks for any occasion.

We always have a large selection available for immediate sale, please note that 1.3G (powerful & exciting) fireworks are offered for sale but due to storage constraints on site, may run short at busy times, whilst every effort is made to re stock the shop quickly, to avoid disappointment if you specifically want this type of firework, why not call us and we can ensure your selection is available for collection.

Fireworks on sale all year from our retail store in Castleford near Leeds, we have one of the largest ranges of fireworks in the north of England.  We have taken on an European partner Klasek from Czech Republic they produce the finest European fireworks available, from the very latest colours to the very loudest bangs, we are proud to be the UK's only stockist.

Feel free to browse our online catalogue, we hope it will inspire you and help you to select, what we believe to be, the very best products from the best manufacturers in the UK




Our firework shop is open 363 days a year, from 6.00am-7.00pm (longer in the season) 7 days a week, Sunday opening times are 8.30am - 5.00pm. 

Monday          6.00am - 6.00pm

Tuesday         6.00am - 6.00pm

Wednesday    6.00am - 6.00pm

Thursday        6.00am - 6.00pm

Friday             6.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday         6.00am - 6.00pm

                                                                                      Sunday           8.30am - 5.00pm


As always our price promise stands, if you can find the exact same product being sold in a retail shop cheaper we will refund double the difference.

Please be aware that storage at our retail site continues to be a problem with 1.3g, some items may have to be ordered and collected at a pre arranged time, this is not my staff's fault so please don't have a go at them, just call first if you are making a long journey.



We have a retail shop at Aire Street in Castleford which is open for the sale of fireworks to the public all year round. Part of the D & R Group Ltd

It is illegal to sell adult fireworks to anyone under 18 or for anyone under 18 to possess adult fireworks in a public place.

If you are over 18, it is perfectly legal to buy and use fireworks at any time of the year but please note that it is an offence to let fireworks off during night hours (11pm to 7am), except on Bonfire Night (midnight), Diwali, New Year and Chinese New Year (all 1am).